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Why the Horse Racing Odds network?

 The HorseRacingOdds network was established in order to provide bettors all over the world with the latest odds on the horse races on three continents. Unlike other betting websites, we are dedicated to finding the best odds on horse racing and horse racing only. Internationally recognized, we manually confirm the odds with the racebooks before they are allow to appear on this website. In doing this we ensure the best odds on the horse races, no matter in which country they occur.

Kentucky Derby Betting Odds:

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 The odds listed on this website have been taken from online racebooks. We believe that horse betting online is the best way to get the biggest return on your wager. Plus, there is no travel involved and you can place you bets literally seconds before post time. Online horse racing betting is legal in most jurisdiction, though you are encouraged to check your local laws before wagering.

Where to get the best odds on horse racing:

USA Horse Racing Odds
If you plan to bet on horses from the USA, you have plenty of choices. You can always go with the offshore sportsbooks for the most value, when it comes to betting the horse races. Nothing beats a nice bonus and some free money to set up your next trifecta. There are many licensed racecourses which offer online betting and quite a few online horse racing websites with good odds. All of the horse racing websites for the USA offer odds on the daily races, as well as great betting odds on the major horse racing events. To visit an online racebook click below:



UK Horse Racing Odds
The best odds on horse racing for the UK and Australia will, without a doubt, be found at the online racebook Centrebet. This UK-licensed online sportsbook guarantees its customers that they will get the best odds on all horse racing. Considering the high level of customer service and satisfaction, there is really no reason to bet at another racebook in the UK. To check out Centrebet and the horse racing odds currently offered, click on their official banner below:

 Caentrebet horse racebook

Australia and New Zealand Horse Racing Odds
You can bet on the Australian races at any of the above online racebooks, even if you live in Australia, but you'd be better of betting with one of these horse racing books below. Until recently, we believed that regulations in the country is making their local online sportsbook uncompetitive and at the time you could get better odds at the UK and USA online horse betting websites. But now with the Centrebet stepping up to fill in the void, all Australians could bet on the top horse racing odds with confidence.

Caentrebet horse racebook

And if the horse racing websites here are not enough for you, visit the sports betting section at this good gambling portal.